WAS Benson & Heywood Sumner. A rare Arts & Crafts brass and copper fire fender


William Arthur Smith Benson and Heywood Sumner.

A rare and probably unique Arts & Crafts brass and copper fireplace fender surmounted with six finials and six leaf-shaped feet.

The main body with alternating brass and copper discs, each with embossed floral decoration. The floral decoration to the discs is probably the design of Heywood Sumner who collaborated with Benson on some of his lighting designs particularly a three branch brass and copper wall candle sconce, also with embossed floral decoration.

This particular model with floral embossed details to the discs is probably the rarest and hardest one to find. Even after extensive research, I cannot find another one that has ever come onto the market before. I have found two almost identical Benson fenders of the same form but both of those have plain disks devoid of the embossed floral decoration.

It is illustrated in the WAS Benson Catalogue, number 503, and the most beautiful of the five illustrated on that page.

Height: 8.27 in (21 cm)
Width: 51.57 in (131 cm)
Depth: 12.01 in (30.5 cm)
Year of manufacture
WAS Benson
Heywood Sumner
Arts & Crafts Movement
In pristine original condition, and has no doubt been loved and cherished all of its life. Please note that three brass screws have been replaced at some point in its life.

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